Nerdblock Can Help You Fill Those Gaps In Your Toy Room.

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I’m an absolute nut for toys.  If you were to take a look at my office, you’d probably believe that it was designed by a 12-year old with a video game obsession like no other.  To help me feed this obsession, I decided to take a look at NerdBlock’s October ArcadeBlock, and see how it would stack up to LootCrate, which I had previously ordered.

For the uninitiated, NerdBlock (and it’s competitor, LootCrate), works on a subscription-based model where you pay money in return for an unknown selection of goods.  Unlike LootCrate, where you’ll get a monthly box of nerdy goodies based on a random theme, you can actually specify the genre of geeky cache from NerdBlock.  The subscriptions are the NerdBlock (the mix of random monthly stuff), HorrorBlock (horror-themed), and ArcadeBlock (gamer-themed).  If you have a little one who has a birthday coming up, or just needs a good spoiling, NerdBlock Jr. packages are available for both Boys and Girls.

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Prices range from $13.99 for the junior blocks to 19.99 for the larger ones, plus shipping and tax where applicable.  Receiving my ArcadeBlock in Toronto cost me around $32 in total.  Subscriptions are renewed automatically and billing occurs around the middle of the month.  When you receive it varies on which Block you’ve purchased (FAQ).  T-shirt sizes are requested when you fill out your form online, so you don’t have to worry about getting the wrong size.

This first block I received contained quite a medley of goods, including a Half-Life themed t-shirt, a Luigi Flying Squirrel plushie, Street Fighter Pixel Bricks, a Luigi Pull Back race car, a Portal key cap, and magnetic Link and Zelda mini-whiteboards.  For what you pay, it’s not a disappointing haul; and most, if not all of the offerings will find a home around the house.

I’m not sure that a sustained monthly subscription is the way to go, , but if you want to treat yourself to an occasional present in the mail (who doesn’t like presents!?), or feel like sending a little something to someone you know, NerdBlock is definitely something to look at.